Missional Living


Enspire is an annual day event for ministers’ wives. It is relaxed and informal, with times of worship, discussion, sharing and praying in small groups. Friendships are made and renewed. Enspire encourages, equips and energises ministers’ wives to serve and fulfil their calling. Enspire begins with coffee, scones and fruit, ends with coffee and cupcakes and has a two-course lunch in between! Enspire 2019 is on 23 March 2019.
Contact enspire.women@gmail.com for more information.


National Day of Prayer (NDOP)

The Mission of the Church is not difficult; it is impossible. The resources are too few, the enemies are too strong and the avenues of potential service are too many.  We don't just need more people, more training or more resources - we need the power of God.  Nothing less and nothing else will do.  God promises both to hear and to respond to prayer.  We do now know what prayer is but we know what prayer does.  Prayer connects us with the one who alone can give life, hope and peace. Prayer expresses our faith and prayer expresses our hope in God.  William Carey, the father of Modern Missions,  exhorts us: "Expect great things from God; attempt Great things for God." With faith, hope and love, nothing is beyond our reach because nothing is beyond his reach. 

Scotland is a post-Christian nation. Many have no understanding of the good news of Jesus, and making the Gospel known can seem like an impossible task. But we believe the brave new world of Scotland is not a reason for us to panic; rather it is a reason for us to pray. As Os Guinness states, “The ultimate factor in the church’s engagement with society is the church’s engagement with God”

On the 30th of November 2018 – St Andrews’s Day – congregations and small groups across Scotland will come together for the specific purpose of praying for the nation and worshipping God. Resources and further information will be made available closer to the day.



Women For Mission

Women for Mission (WfM) raises funds for mission projects which seek to offer help in areas of health, education, poverty and disaster around the world. To find out more, visit www.womenformission.org