Assessment provides an objective perspective on your readiness to plant.

If you want to plant a church we can provide you with an in-depth assessment process that will help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses, which will better prepare you as you move forward.

If you are interested in being Assessed for Church Planting, please get in touch.

Director of Assessment, Athole Rennie

Athole was born in the Highlands and grew up in central Scotland. He trained at Oak Hill Theological College in London before completing further study at Edinburgh University.

Athole is married to Rosalynd and they have three children, Erskine, Grace and Abigail. In his spare time he enjoys playing, coaching and watching football! 

Athole and Rosalynd began planting Grace Church Leith in December 2009 from a flat in Leith. After gathering a core group over a period of almost two years, Grace Church Leith launched public worship in September 2011 and today is a growing church in the north part of the city of Edinburgh.