Our training uses some of the best church planting resources in the world and is based on the City to City Urban Incubator adapted for a UK context.


Incubator is City to City’s key two-year program to serve, train, and develop church planters in urban ministry and has been used around the world over the past 10 years and more.  Each learning module addresses the specific needs of urban planters, including skills in thinking theologically about ministry, and growth in the various areas of urban ministry. 

Modules in year 1 include:

  • Understanding the gospel and how it shapes everything in ministry.
  • Personal life of the Leader: including Ministry & Character, models of leadership, unique temptations in ministry.
  • Culture and Contextualisation: including writing a contextual profile for your community and recognising cultural bias.
  • Evangelistic Networking: including how to grow in consistency, creativity and winsomeness in our own personal evangelism and how to ‘network’ evangelistically.
  • Missional Ecclesiology: including how to develop ‘outward-facing’ and ‘balanced’ ministries along with how to read your city and how your theological vision relates to the city.
  • Grace renewal: including how to grow in personal transparency and gospel renewal in our own lives, how to practice a lifestyle of repentance and faith.
  • Discipleship and Leadership Development: Knowing how people change and how to deal with unique hindrances to spiritual growth and renewal.
  • Kingdom-centred Prayer: meeting spiritual challenges with prayer, fighting Spiritual battles, designing dynamic church prayer meetings!


Who is Incubator for?

The Incubator is designed to help church planters during the critical phase of launching their congregations. They get practical help on writing their action plan, the philosophy of ministry, crucial ministry development, and preaching, among other topics. But our experience shows that it would benefit anyone in years 0-2 of church planting.

Where and When will Incubator run?

Thursday 9.30am to 3pm, Edinburgh, beginning September 2021. 

What does the Incubator cost?

£600 for the whole year.

How to book?

For further information or to apply, contact for further information on how to apply. 

Director of Training, Neil MacMillan

Neil leads Cornerstone, a new congregation launched in 2014, in Morningside, Edinburgh. He is convinced that starting new churches is key to the future of Christianity in Scotland.

He is married to Louise and they have four children. He spends much of his time recruiting and training church planters. He loves movies, books, eating out and live music.