Sashko Nezamutdinov and his wife Ania are based in Krakow, Poland where they are involved with a team who are church planting and reaching out to young adults disillusioned with the Church, or sceptical about it, through an English club, art ministry and photography ministry.

Sashko is currently based in Krakow, the second largest city in Poland, with a population of 800,000 but an Evangelical community of no more than 1,000.

Currently, Sashko is leading an international group of young adults who are seeking to plant a Reformed Polish-speaking church in the city. His passion is the process of making the gospel message relevant to different groups of people depending on where they are at geographically, socially, culturally or spiritually. This happens through different social projects, facebook posts, conversations over coffee, text messages, sermons or blog articles.

"I dream of a church where the average Polish person can feel comfortable, where the worship style makes sense but the gospel is not compromised."

Christian Witness to Israel

Christian Witness to Israel exists to tell Jewish people about Jesus and see them come to faith in him. With roots in Scotland and London dating back 175 years, CWI shares the good news of Jesus with all Jewish people, from night club owners and soldiers, to students and Holocaust survivors.

Jewish mission with CWI involves getting alongside Jewish people, sharing the gospel with boldness and intentionality, building relationships, studying the Scriptures and discipling new believers who have come to know Jesus.

Generation supports CWI with a grant of £7,500 a year, and there have been strong links between Generation and CWI going back many years.

In just over two years CWI has seen more than 70 Jewish people turn to the Messiah as missionaries have shared Jesus with them. Many of these Jewish people come from Israel itself where there appears to be a genuine openness and receptiveness to the gospel where previously there was mistrust and opposition.

Presbyterian Free Church in India

The Presbyterian Free Church in India is a small denomination started by our missionaries, and is now an independent church. The Free Church provides almost £5,000 to help these congregations develop and also encourage new work in the villages where many people are coming to faith in Christ.

Mission schools in Lakhnadon and Chhapara

These two mission schools provide education for over 1,000 children, who are almost all from a Hindu background. The schools are recognised as being among the best in the region. We support the schools with a grant in the region of £4,000 to help this good work continue.

Emmanuel Hospital Association

Lakhnadon Christian Hospital is a busy 30-bed hospital run by the Emmanuel Hospital Association. All of the Free Church missionaries left in 1988. The hospital specialises in surgery, ophthalmology, child health and dentistry. All professional staff are Christians and every opportunity is taken to testify to Christ. Although charges are made for services, much free and subsidised care is also given and the Hospital still requires a £3,000 annual grant to help cover these costs as well as any new equipment. For more details about Lakhnadon Christian Hospital click here, and click here for more information about the Emmanuel Hospital Association.

The former minister of Leith Free Church, Rev Gavino Fioretti, is now heading a church planting movement in his native Italy.

Since returning to Italy - to Sesto Calende, near Milan airport in the north of the country - the Italian church Gavino leads has grown to 46 people, with an additional 30 attending their International fellowship.

The Free Church in South Africa

The Free Church in Southern Africa grew out of the work of the missionaries of the Glasgow
Missionary Society (c.1823), and after 1843 came under the care of missionaries of the Free
Church of Scotland.

Historically, the church has served mainly the Xhosa speaking people in eastern and western Cape region, stretching from Cape Town to Transkei. The church
become independent in 1982, but remains in close connection with the Free Church of Scotland.

Dumisani Theological Institute was formed in King William’s Town to train pastors.
The church has more than 63 congregations and 4,000 members.

Dumisani Theological Institute

Dumisani Theological Institute began as a Presbyterian and Reformed college for the training of pastors from those churches. However, in the past 15 years students from at least 15 denominations have received training there. In fact the college has been accepted by almost all church groupings in the Eastern Cape in South Africa and numbers have grown steadily to around 50.

Dumisani represents a wonderful opportunity for strategic mission support in the developing world. The churches of the Eastern Cape desperately need pastors who are well grounded in the Scriptures and in basic Biblical doctrine. Theological education has almost disappeared from the province. Several colleges have closed or are struggling and Dumisani is strategically placed to grow and to meet the challenge.

Click here for more information about Dumisani

Shekinah Evangelical Church

Suraj Kasula studied at Edinburgh Theological Seminary and is now minister of Shekinah Evangelical Church, situated at the outskirt of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. He oversees the church of around 60 people with the help of his fellow elders.

The church recently planted a new congregation in Eastern Nepal. It is led by Adam and his family who are missionaries in the country, and it is overseen by Suraj. The church is small in size but it is growing. 

Over the coming years, the church in Nepal hopes to secure a church building that will hold around 200 people, see more people come to faith and plant more churches across the country.

Suraj lectures in two bible colleges: Bethshalom Faith School of Ministry and Bhaktapur Theological Seminary.

Bhakatpur Theological Seminary

In 2017, Suraj founded Bhakatpur Theological Seminary where he works as Academic Dean. The Seminary is truly committed to teaching Reformed theology and many students are being directly benefitted by it who are becoming future leaders, missionaries, and evangelists. It recently launched a Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) programme.

Balkan Theological Seminary and the Church Planting Project

Generation supports the work of Balkhan Theological Seminary’s Church Planting Project, 

which exists to present to Serbian people real moral value through creative activities like gospel spiritual concerts, lectures, workshops, exhibits, book promotions, sharing of Gospel literature and evangelisation at the Cultural center of UMMUS and in various other places across Serbia.

Balkan Theological Seminary and the Evangelisation Project

The purpose of this project is evangelisation in the churches and public places all over Serbia, but primarily in new mission fields in central and south Serbia. This project will take place in the places where the Gospel has never been preached or heard, and there are many such places in Serbia.

The vision of this evangelisation project is to bring conscience of God closer to people by public appearance and performances, visits, concerts and sharing of literature. And to make contact with Christians and friends in churches all over Serbia so they can work together for evangelisation.


Only 18 of the 81 provinces in Turkey have any kind of Christian congregation, and there are only a few thousand believers in Jesus in a country of 75 million people.

The Free Church has links with two congregations in Istanbul. A Free Church member visits Turkey regularly during the year, and is involved in developing Bible Study materials, theological education and pastoral work. Through this, and the different projects Generation supports in the country, we are helping to bring the Good News of the Gospel to Turks.



The Lima Evangelical Seminary (USEL) is one of the leading theological institutes in Latin

Generation supports the work of USEL with an annual grant, some of which is used for a student bursary scheme enabling gifted men who lack funding to benefit from the training and teaching from the seminary. Free Church missionary Rev Dr Donnie Smith, recently retired as the rector of USEL.

Muriel MacLeod lives and work in Ou Reang Ov, a small town about 90 miles NE of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city. Working alongside Seong Bok and Eun Mi Lee, a Korean couple who have been here for 7 years, her aim is to share the gospel in neighbourhoods, town and throughout this area of Cambodia.

Christian Church Plant at Ou Reang Ov is at the beginning stages with nine committed Christian young people as the core group. A good number of other young people attend youth meetings, Sunday worship and Sunday school. Ou Reang Ov has a large secondary school with 1800 pupils, where Muriel visits five mornings a week to help with English classes for S1 and S2.