Faith At Work

By Mark Macleod

Generation 19 Blog Post

When you think about your average week, who do you spend most of your time with?

Maybe your friends, maybe your family; but for many people (whether they like it or not!) it’s their work colleagues. We have a mission field in the staff room or in the office or on the building site, or wherever it is we work. These are people who we are engaging with nearly every day and it is our responsibility as the Lord’s people to share the Good News with them.

So how should we share our faith in the workplace? First, our faith should show itself in the way in which we conduct ourselves at work. Paul reminds us that everything we do should be done for the glory of God, and that we are to work as though working for the Lord himself.

This means that we carry out our work to the best of our ability and that we do so in a godly manner. This, in itself, can be difficult because the Christian characteristics of meekness, humility and looking out for the interests of others are not always the kind of characteristics that are rewarded in the workplace today – there is a temptation to take our ‘Christian hat’ off in order to progress in our careers. However, we must remind ourselves that we are not primarily working for the approval and recognition of earthly bosses but working for our heavenly Father.

As well as our conduct being important, secondly, we need to use the opportunities we get to actually tell people about our faith and to scatter some gospel seeds.

Before becoming a Minister I was a Design Engineer for a Subsea Oil and Gas company, and I worked in a fairly large office. Like in any office, there were many debates and discussions had. When the topic of conversation was on sport, some of my colleagues would spin their chairs round and get involved in the discussions; when the topic was politics, some others would join in. When the topic was about ‘the plans for the weekend’ that got even more interest. But, interestingly, when the topic was religion and God, pretty much everyone in our section of the office would get involved in the debate. Like most workplaces, the majority were very much opposed to God and the gospel but there was an interest and openness to discuss these things.

Maybe I had an unusual office, but I think the sheer amount of time we spend with our work colleagues inevitably creates potential openings to discuss our faith. So let’s be prayerfully prepared to use these opportunities to either give a word of personal testimony or share some gospel truths.

One of the best openings of all, of course, is the standard Monday morning coffee break question… “How was your weekend?” Are we tempted to take the easy way out by merely telling them about our trip to the cinema or our trip to the shops? Or will we use opportunities like that to tell them about the most important part of our weekend – going to worship our Lord with His people in our local Church.

May the Lord enable us to take these opportunities and share our faith in the workplace.

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Mark Macleod   Mark Macleod

Mark Macleod is the minister of South Harris Free Church. He is married to Eilidh, and they have three children Seumas, Kate and Karis.