What Is Generation 19?

By David Meredith

Generation 19 Blog Post

Have you ever heard of Generation 19? You have now because you are reading our very first blog.

Generation 19 is an initiative of Generation, the mission arm of the Free Church. We have picked one period of time, 1st to 10th September when we have invited local congregations to get involved in a specific mission activity. We will not specify what is done locally but we will publicise it for the prayer support of the wider church. This is when we can be family. Each member of the family lives in a different context, they are different ages and personalities and so will do mission in their home situation in different ways.

We would love if there was maximum engagement in Generation 19 and we are looking for your help to make this happen. Ask your leadership what your congregation are doing for Generation 19. If they look a bit lost and puzzled then think and pray about things that your church could get involved in and then give them your suggestions. If they have ideas then get behind them and help in every way you can.

Enthusiasm is infectious and there are few things as powerful in the church as a group of united and like-minded people doing things with a common purpose.

These days simple is best. We are not expecting a re-run of a Billy Graham campaign. The early church was established through the faithful action of very few people.

Let me suggest how one idea could work. A congregation buys 100 copies of an engaging book. It could be a testimony like Mez McConnel’s, 'Is There Anybody Out There' or David Robertson’s book on Jesus, 'Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus is great'. Each member of the church takes one away and gives it to a friend as a gift and then after a few weeks they ask what they thought of it. In the meantime, the church is praying for each book. It’s such a simple idea and it will engage 100 people with the gospel.

Did you know that 18,000 new houses are built in Scotland each year? I know that the real need is 23,000 to keep pace but that’s not the point. Why not get a welcome pack with quality clear literature and a thoughtful gift and give one to each new house-holder? During September this could be your project to bless your community with the gospel.

I am the first person to say that evangelistic programmes are no substitute for an in-built mission culture in your church. Generation 19 could kick-start thinking about more regular evangelism that you could be involved in. I know that individuals and not churches do evangelism but our congregations coming together, through Generation 19, will give us opportunities to be involved.

Make Generation 19 much more than a label. Approach it as an opportunity to boldly go where no-one has gone before. It’s never strictly true that no-one has gone before in mission. Jesus has gone before and the Holy Spirit is an expert at breaking up dry ground and preparing hearts and minds.

Generation19 1st - 10th September

David Meredith - Mission Director for The Free Church of Scotland   David Meredith

David accepted the position of Mission Director in 2015 after planting Smithton Free Church, Inverness where he ministered for 30 years. He blogs at Calvinism and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance