Generation Podcast

Alex Nelson is the student leader for the Glasgow Navigators.

About The Navigators

The Navigators has grown out of one man’s pursuit of God. Dawson Trotman lived in America. As he sought God, the Lord promised to build him ‘a house’. At a time when the Christian world saw no ministry beyond evangelism, he was led to invest deeply in the lives of the few in order that they could reach the many. This began in the 1930s with US Navy personnel. It grew significantly through WWII. Following the war the Navigators spread out through the world, it is now in over 100 countries world wide. 

The Navigators came to the UK through the Billy Graham crusades of the 1950s. Billy Graham, frustrated by the unwillingness of local Christians to help those who came forwards at his meetings, asked Dawson Trotman to develop what has since become known as “follow-up”. The Navigators therefore supported Dr Graham in all his crusades. During the Haringey crusades, Christians’ eyes were opened to the possibilities of discipleship, and asked the Navigators to minister in the UK. Initially Joyce Turner came to set up an office for materials and as she did this she also began a ministry among women. As interest developed, more Navigators came to set up ministries in communities and universities, which became the starting block for the current ministry.

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