Generation Podcast

In this week's podcast, David chats with Andy Bathgate, the chief executive of Scripture Union Scotland.

Episode Topics:

  • Bible knowledge amongst children
  • Sharing the Gospel in schools
  • Does SU manipulate children?
  • Can we tailor scripture to fit our needs?
  • What is the relationship between SU and the Church?
  • Equipping
  • Mission & Evangelism


About Andy Bathgate Andy became CEO of SU Scotland in 2001 having worked with the Christian Unions in the Scottish Universities and Colleges for the previous 20 years.

His first involvement with SU was when a friend invited him to the SU Group in Musselburgh Grammar School. Later, he became part of a team from the Grammar School that led the SU Group in a local primary. That was in the early 1970s, and he remains as committed to the ministry of SU now as then.

He is particularly concerned that SU's ministry serves the local church and the disadvantaged and is done in partnership wherever possible.

He is married to Alyson. Their elder daughter Fiona is married to David and they have two grandsons, Ellis and Brodie. Karyn, their younger daughter, attends a nearby day centre for people with additional needs. In their spare time, Andy and Alyson can often be found strolling around an art gallery.