Prayer Testimony: Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton shares with us her experience of prayer in the run-up to our National Day of Prayer on Friday 30th November 2018

Amidst the blessing of a relatively uneventful season, I’ve often caught myself missing the heightened sweetness of prayer during bitter times past. Never have I wanted to be filled more with Christ than when I’ve felt drained of all else, and were it not for this incredible gift of being able to personally talk to my Father then those dark spells would definitely have felt all the more desperate.

Whilst the sweetness might be more noticeable in hindsight, in the sore moments themselves I actually found prayer very difficult in knowing what to say, what to ask for, or even how to give thanks, especially when the situation looked bleak regardless of the angle I chose to look at it.

In times where the words never came, I learned that tears can be prayers in and of themselves, and Jesus catches them all. If I began prayers with a tired sigh or angry rant, I learned that when it came to finally saying ‘Amen’ I may not have the answers yet but I do have a God I can talk to at any time, who wants me to do so and loves it when I do.

Being able to communicate with my God is one of the best gifts I have ever received and having the National Day of Prayer and 7 Days of Prayer at St C’s this past week has reminded me of the wonderful thing it is to be in constant prayer, regardless of how tough or easy my life may seem at the time.

Prayer continues to be easier at some times than others but with the Spirit continually interceding and perfecting my prayers, I know there’s never a time where I can’t come and experience His sweetness.