Praying for Muslims During Ramadan

One of the most wonderful things about the world we live in are the diverse peoples who populate the planet and the various cultures which colour the landscape.


Ramadan is a season which displays these textures, but how often have we paused to pray for Muslim peoples during this season? Perhaps we haven’t thought about it or maybe we just don’t know where to start. If that’s the case, then here are three simple points which may be helpful as we seek to bless Muslim peoples with the message of Jesus on the other side of the world or the other side of the street. 

The forgiving God who hears  

To begin, take the time to ask God to forgive you. Yes, you did read that correctly. As the people of God, we have been slow to extend the blessing of Jesus Christ to our Muslim neighbours and friends. We can be indifferent to the millions of Muslim peoples living in the world who are made in God’s imageSo we want to start with the heart attitude of repentance (1 John 1:8-10).   

Forgive us Lord, we are slow to share the gospel but quick to limit your power. Help us to see this world and all of the peoples as you see them.   

The living God who is near  

In Islam, God is seen as distant and far off. Yet what the bible teaches us about God is very different. Although he is infinite, he is also intimate. This great blessing comes from knowing Jesus Christ and is something we want others to experience and know for themselves. So during Ramadan, lets pray that many Muslim peoples who are seeking God would hear that he has come near in Jesus Christ. 

Lord God, you own the highest heavens, yet you have delighted to come near to us. Such knowledge is too great for us, and yet we rejoice, asking that you would be pleased to reveal Jesus to many Muslim peoples at this time of seeking.  

The saving God who gives assurance  

At the centre of human history stand the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But for many Muslim’s this makes no sense. Why would God the judge also act as God the saviour? What we know from the bible is that it pleased God “to make him to be sin who knew no sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Cor 5:21). God has acted in grace and mercy, giving us something we could not earn for ourselves. During this season, pray that this message of grace offered in the name of Jesus Christ would be heard and believed by many. 

Father in heaven, thank you for sending Jesus. May he be known as saviour among the Muslim peoples of the world and may you be pleased to raise up servants who will take this blessing to Muslim peoples around the world.