Praying For One Another - March 2019 (Week 1)


Charleston Community Church

Charleston is an area of Dundee. In the summer of 2017 Andy and Caireen moved to the Charleston to begin the process of planting a church under the oversight of St Peter’s Free Church.


Prayer Points


  1. We are hoping to employ a full times woman’s worker after the summer. Pray that we would be able to raise the necessary funding to make this happen.


  1. We are also looking to have a new apprentice training with us soon – pray that God would provide the right person that would be able to help us and be trained themselves in doing ministry in this context.



Dingwall and Strathpeffer

We are based in Mid-Ross, 15 miles north of Inverness. Around 150 people attend. Most live in Dingwall, Strathpeffer and Conon Bridge. Some travel 10 or 15 miles from rural areas. Services are streamed live on YouTube reaching a large audience.   Our minister, Angus MacRae, is Moderator of last General Assembly. The 149-year-old Dingwall building was refurbished 11 years ago but lacks adequate hall facilities. We are looking for the best way to utilise the unused Strathpeffer building for ministry. Lack of halls and staff are a challenge as we plan future outreach and community facing ministry.


Prayer Points


  1. We are part way through a Christianity Explored Course. Pray for conversions and for younger individuals and families to become committed to Christ. We have an active witness in local schools and a Youth cafe.


  1. We plan to develop four Ministry Teams to mobilise the gifts of our members. Pray that we will glorify God and be united and effective in our Worship, Pastoral Care, Communication and Mission.