Virtual Bootcamp

Since 2014 Generation has been running a Leadership Bootcamp, a three-year course for young people aged between 18-30 who have been identified as potential future leaders in the Church or within their vocational pathway.

As with most events and meetings this year, the Bootcampers couldn’t meet in person but instead met together online. 
Course leader and church planter Neil MacMillan facilitated the meeting. He opened the session with prayer and, in keeping with the Leadership Bootcamp ethos, encouraged all on the call to join him in doing 25 push-ups before introducing the main speaker Chris Davidson, a church planter in Merkinch, Inverness. 

Chris spoke to the group about “Evangelism Killers”, highlighting 3 pitfalls Christians may fall into when sharing their faith: shame, fear, and the pressure of perfection. Chris then led the group through Psalm 40, demonstrating how David the psalmist brought his shame to God to be cleansed, chose to fear God rather than man, and found freedom in his neediness. This was a hugely encouraging time of focus on gospel truths and practical application. There was then a time of questions and answers following on from the talk. 

The Bootcampers were then divided into separate groups for each year group and had a time of catching up, while also discussing the books on their reading lists and any leadership projects they were working on. 

Leadership Bootcamp is scheduled to run as normal in June 2021, with the same year groups as those in the online session. Please pray for the Bootcampers, leaders and cooks and they prepare for this week in June 2021.   

Leadership Bootcamp combines solid theological teaching with a time of intensive discipleship and growth involving physical challenges and times of fellowship and learning. In the first year of the course, Bootcampers are led through an intensive introduction to the theology of the gospel, creating a solid foundation for year two and three where they concentrate on Leadership Principles and vocational discernment. 
Each Bootcamper on the course has been recommended by their local congregation. If your congregation has identified a potential future leader or would like more information please visit our dedicated Bootcamp page here.